Asphaltene Studies

One of the important challenges of Iranian oil upstream industries in near future will be flow assurance problems in which contain all organic & inorganic deposits. All the routine experiments related to asphaltene studies are being conducted in Petro Makhzan Kav (PMK) laboratory. Besides, different operational treatment methods including:

The PMK abilities in this field are listed as below:

  • Determination of oil constituent by SARA analysis (Saturate, Aromatic, Resin, Asphaltene)
  • Measuring total asphaltene content by IP143 method
  • Measurment of asphaltene precipitation by a modified setup including PVT cell, high pressure filter, and etc.
  • Measurment of asphaltene deposition on reservoir rock (at reservoir conditions) by using the precipitation setup including core holder instead of high pressure filter.
  • Measurment of asphaltene deposition on tubing metals (at ambient conditions) by using novel Quartz Crystal Nanobalance setup
  • Modeling asphaltene deposition along well column during oil production